, Telecom Tigers: BASIC ISUP CALL FLOW

Friday, October 2, 2009


  • Initial Address Message (IAM) — First message sent to inform the partner switch (here MSC2) that a call has to be established on the CIC contained in the message. Contains the called and calling number, type of service (speech or data) and many more optional parameters.

  • Subsequent Address Message (SAM) — In case the IAM did not contain the full called number, one or more SAMs may follow containing additional digits.

  • Address Complete Message (ACM) — Message returned from the terminating switch (here MSC2) when the subscriber is reached and the phone starts ringing.

  • Answer Message (ANM) — Sent when the subscriber picks up the phone. Normally charging starts at this moment.

  • Release (REL) — Sent to clear the call when a subscriber goes on hook.

  • Release complete (RLC) — Acknowledgement of the release – the timeslot is idle afterwards and can be used again. This is also sent (without a preceding Release message) if the terminating switch determines that the call cannot be completed. The terminating switch also sends a Cause Value to explain the reason for the failure, e.g., "User busy".

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