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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MNP Call Flow to Ported Out or Other Operator

Hi All,
Want to share MNP call flow in case of Ported Out subscriber or to Other Operator subscriber (Local/NLD).
Here i would like to explain new terms.

1) Ported In/Out--> Ported In/Out subscriber are those which have changed there Service provider
Exp: A was originally Airtel Subscriber and availed MNP and changed to
Vodafone so A will be Ported in number for Vodafone and Ported out Number for Airtel.

2) RN/LRN--> Called as Routing Number(RN) for NLD calls or Local Routing number(LRN) in case of Local call. Is four digit Unique Number allocated by TRAI to each operator.

Now let us go through call flow.

Here again i have taken example of Vodafone Delhi, call is originated by A which is Vodafone Delhi subscriber to B number which is either other operator number or Ported out number.

Let us go through call flow in steps:

1) A dials B number

2) After receiving B number MSC send SRI to MNPDB. This is major difference between normal/MNP call flow. In normal call flow there would have been IAM to other operators MSC.

3) MNP check its database and returns with RN/LRN+ B number in SRI response as its not Vodafone Delhi subscriber.

4) After receiving RN/LRN+ B Number MSC agin checks its B number routing table and sends IAM to that operator.

Call flow remains same in case NLD also, IAM (LRN + B number) is sent to NLD in that case.

After this calls flow remains same as in case of normal call which already posted in this blog.

Hope it had been informative for you. More call flows to come in case of MNP till then happy reading.

Thanks & Regards
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