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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mobile Terminated (MT) SMS Flow

Here is a Simple Explanation of Mobile Terminated (MT) SMS Flow -

SMS MT Call Flow :-
  1. The Short Message is transferred from SMSC to SMS-GMSC.
  2. SMS-GMSC queries the HLR (SRI) & receives the routing information for the mobile subscriber (SRI-ACK).
  3. The SMS-GMSC sends the short message to the MSC using "Forward Short Message" (FSM) operation.
  4. The MSC retrieves the subscriber information from the VLR. This operation may include the Authentication Procedure.
  5. The MSC transfers short message to the Mobile Station (MS).
  6. The MSC returns the outcome of the "Forward Short Message" operation to the SMS-GMSC (FSM-ACK).
  7. If requested by the SMSC, it returns a status report indicating Delivery of the Short Message.

More Information from Readers are Expected !!!

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